Home visits

Home visits are made to the terminally ill and the bed bound and are at the doctors’ discretion. Doctors are only required to visit a patient at home for medical reasons, not social ones (e.g. lack of transport) or for your convenience. While waiting for the doctor, make sure your phone line is kept free and if you feel better or decide to go out, let the doctor know so you don’t waste their time.

If a doctor can’t get a response when they arrive they may be worried that you’re unconscious inside and you may return to find your front door has been broken down.

In the time it takes to see one person at home, your GP could see between two and four patients at the surgery. In addition the medical care your GP provides when visiting may be limited due to a lack of specialist equipment only available at the surgery.

Wasting time on unnecessary home visits can delay someone else getting the (sometimes life-saving) treatment they need.

By phone

If you think you need to be seen at home then you should call 0121 550 4917 before 11:00, tell us the reason why you need to be seen and leave a contact telephone number.