Doctor’s Sick / Fit Note for more than 7 days

Temporary change to fit notes for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), where employees go off sick on or after 10th December 2021, employers can only ask employees for proof of sickness (such as a fit note) after 28 days of sickness (including non-working days).Proof of sickness cannot be requested earlier than 28 days. Fit notes do not have to be provided for DWP benefit claims until 27th January. This will not affect claims to benefit. These changes are to give GP’s more time to work on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) booster programme.

The doctor may call you or arrange for an appointment.

If you have already been seen by your Doctor about this illness your certificate will be sent to you within a week.

Sick / Fit Note Request

Sick / Fit Note Request

Please use this date format: DD/MM/YYYY.